Pain relief specific. 20+ years

of experience. I love what I do. 


  Day 1- Leishu (Myofascial, Acupressure, Polarity Work)

 Day 2 - Chi Nei Tsang

($300 package. 75-90 mins each day. Must be back to back days. Loosely fitted clothing recommended.)  

Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner
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     * Eastern Thought Western Way

* Beans, Marbles & Wellness

   "Lei Lei was amazing. I had a massive headache but she killed it in under 30 minutes. I feel like I took a long a*% nap, took a muscle relaxer, and drank a cup of coffee when we were done. Lei Lei knows the body."
   "Thank you sooo much Lei Lei! I have had a lot
of bodywork - this was by far one of the absolute best experiences. I was having significant hand pain before the session which is now gone!!!"
   "Wow! Amazing body work. This was an extremely relaxing experience. Thank you for helping me relax with your magic hands."
   "I am so relaxed I can hardly manifest how transformative this experience has been. The ability to feel that someone doing bodywork on me is using my soul, heart, and energy to inform my body for healing. I feel refreshed in my mind, body, and soul."
   "The massage experience was truly wonderful. Everything was so relaxing and every second that passed, I felt more and more tension being released and my body healing with each deep breath that I took. The energy and care that was put into individualizing my experience was so genuine and amazing!"
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