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Blessed to Be

get grounded says my therapist

to a negro tree hugging optimist

the shift in my life changed when my close friend dropped dead

later that year the rest was taken with a gun to my head

reaching, reaching, reaching

for a way out of the rabbit hole

my heart on my sleeve

fragile was my soul

you are amazing said my therapist

mostly stable, artist, practitioner, percussionist

I asked her to keep it real

she knows I live in my feels

Identifying what my heart needs

so unconditionally i can feed

the spirit that my therapist sees

with no pressure from my mental health pleas

It took Covid for me to hear my own heart

to believe and trust that I can take part

in my never before dreams being my reality

in this moment in pandemic history

I am grateful for my therapist

as I practice to be a forgiving specialist

managing my climate change anxiety

smiling in the joy of right now feeling free

blessed to be

blessed to be

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