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Love Thy Hater

dear racist,

when you pray to your white jesus. please let him know you are choosing to hate.

our voices are as individual as our skin color. your choice is to hate.

when your terrorist ways are called out. you weaponize or whine. you continue to hate.

it does not take critical thinking to hate. you are not better than someone when you hate.

if your ancestors tortured other human beings and you celebrate. that perpetuates hate.

when you call the police because of your racist thoughts. ahhh the police. hate.

when you stroke the fire to criminalize black skin. that is hate.

i repeat daily, the only blind man is the one who chooses not to see. you can not see love

when hatred is in your heart. how can you love. how do you love. how do you give love.

are you able to receive love. are you able to breathe in love. if you are living with love in your heart there is space for all things. all beings. together we really are stronger. so as you continue to hate, I will match that with love.

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